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Oct-03-2021 Latest News PDF


  • How does the referral program work?

    During our presale, you are allowed to refer people to the Jungle Book Crypto hub. 5%of your referral's first purchase of JBC through the presale will be sent to your wallet.

    The multicurrency wallet (Jungle Book Crypto Hub) will have a referral program that will allow you to refer people to Jungle Book Crypto Hub. By staking over $25, you earn 1% of every purchase when your referrals use the Jungle Book Crypto HUB to purchase JBC tokens. 1% of their JBC Token purchase will be sent directly to your Jungle Book Crypto Multicurrency Hub.

  • Why is there no redistribution of tokens based on transactions?

    Due to regulations and interpretations of cryptocurrency, our legal advisors in multiple countries have urged us not to include a redistribution of tokens.

    In addition to legal reasons, we wish to see people sharing our product and putting in the effort to be the ones benefiting from our referral program.

  • Will I pay the contract fees when moving my tokens to the multicurrency wallet?

    No. When JBC is bought or traded, that is considered a transaction. A transfer of JBC to another wallet does not count as a transaction where the contract fee is applied. The only fee you can expect to see is the gas fee.

  • How will the fees be reduced over time?

    We passionately work to see JBC adopted within and beyond the Jungle Book Crypto eco-system. For that to happen, we believe our taxes and fees must be minimal. While taxes and fees are essential to see the continued development and maintenance of Jungle Book Crypto, they should not be a deterrent. Over the project's life, the contract will reduce the tax and fees.

  • What is Basecamp?

    We believe blockchain technology and cryptocurrency offer great advantages to unique utilities and convenience. In this early stage of adoption, there is a vast opportunity for exploiting people and a wide range of misinformation. Basecamp is a place for people to have quick access to do their own research. We encourage passionate teams to work through their challenges. We stand with strong communities wanting to see their projects developed and implemented. We want the crypto community to work together to bring integrity and credibility to the market and make it a place people can find services, opportunities, and answers to their daily challenges.